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Where To Buy Mandia Frozen Pizza

You guys know I am all about balance and that means making sure I have at least two frozen pizzas in my freezer at ALL times. I have had a few frozen pizzas in my time and I have two (actually three) that I really love.

where to buy mandia frozen pizza

I look forward to frozen pizza nights because of these particular pizzas and I felt like I was being a bad food blogger by not sharing them with you! I like my frozen pizzas to not taste like frozen pizzas and these three (especially the last two) do that for me.

Mandia was set to graduate from the $62,000-a-year school in May and planned to follow in the footsteps of his entrepreneur father, who owns a successful frozen Italian pizza export firm called Fiad.

The boy, who died between Thursday and Friday night, would have turned 18 on Saturday. The family had joined him precisely to celebrate him, but when his parents Mauro Mandia and Elisabetta Benesatto - who in Battipaglia manage a company that exports pizza and frozen products to America - landed they received the terrible news. 041b061a72


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