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Dread Templar

The game is developed by T19 Games, and used to be known as Hell Hunt, for which there is still a demo on Itch. Dread Templar is definitely a better name, though it does wend rather too closely into lore-bearing territory. What is a dread templar? Hopefully the game will waste no time explaining.

Dread Templar

Dread Templar is a first-person shooter that takes inspiration from titles of the 90's, most notably Quake, through the character, weapon and environment design, shooting mechanics, a gritty visual style with crude pixel art textures, excessive violence and a hard-hitting soundtrack. At the same time it incorporates many modern elements such as upgrade system through blood gems called Dread Powers where character and weapon abilities can be upgraded and swapped to define a loadout, a bullet time mechanic to slow down time, headshots and dashing. The player's character is a templar on a quest for revenge, facing demons and dark forces. 041b061a72

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