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Wish Simulator for Genshin: How to Get Your Favorite Characters and Weapons

Silly Wisher for Genshin is a Genshin Impact wish simulator in parody format. In other words, this is a casual game that takes the gacha of the popular miHoYo game as a joke.

The Wish Simulator for Genshin is an unauthorized fan-made masterpiece that brings the thrill of Genshin Impact to life in a whole new way and will transport you to a world of adventure. The player may download this lightweight simulator and immerse themselves in the gacha experience, discovering the thrilling possibilities of wishes and gaining access to highly sought-after characters and weaponry. All fans of Genshin Impact will enjoy this simulator to the fullest because it offers gacha rates and wishes animations that are faithful to the game.

wish simulator genshin impact apk


Wish Simulator MOD APK Download: The most optimized and realistic genshin wish simulator. In this Genshin Impact Wish Sim you can get all the coveted characters from Genshin Impact, the chances are realistic and everything is just like in Genshin Impact!

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