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Romantic Killer Episode 2 [Extra Quality]

Romantic Killer is a Japanese Netflix Original romantic comedy anime series, and adaptation of the manga of the same name by author Wataru Momose. The adaptation of the award-winning manga is directed by Kazuya Ichikawa.

Romantic Killer Episode 2


The anime follows Anzu Hoshino, a girl more interested in video games, chocolate and her pet cat than romantic relationships. Her normal life is turned upside down after a wizard named Riri takes away her three favorite things and manipulates her daily life into a dating sim reality. However, rather than falling in love, Anzu builds the strongest friendships with her so-called love interests, and the end of Season 1 leaves many questions about romance, healing and whether a happy ending is possible.

Season 1 introduces the main characters with Anzu at the center. Riri is the initial antagonist who stirs the conflict using romantic cliches and a group of attractive young men. Tsukasa is the distant love interest. As the anime takes a dark turn in mood, it's revealed that his distant nature is due to a stalker situation. Anzu's second love interest is Junta, her childhood best friend with a huge crush on her. The other love interests are the arrogant tsundere prince Hijiri and the crass bad boy Ryuya, though they aren't as close to Anzu as Tsukasa or Junta.

The first season ends with the resolution of Tsukasa's stalker, Yukana. Despite being physically assaulted, Anzu stands against Yukana, declaring that she will protect Tsukasa. Hijiri steps in using his family's connections to prevent Yukana from avoiding any punishment, and Riri, wanting to protect everyone in their own way, uses their magic to erase Yukana's memories. When Tsukasa hears that Yukana has forgotten all about him, he finally begins to feel relief from all his trauma. With Anzu's support, Tsukasa starts to see her as a romantic interest. He cements himself as a rival to Junta, though both boys admit that Anzu only views them as friends.

While other anime like Kaichou wa Maid-sama and Ouran High School Host Club have similar ideas with their female leads, this anime proves that without a doubt, Anzu is fairly immune to falling in love. Typically, after everything that Anzu went through, and especially with her bold proclamation to protect Tsukasa, there would be more of a hint of her feelings. However, by the end of Season 1, it's more likely that Anzu still doesn't have any romantic feelings for anyone, upholding her value of friendship above romantic relationships. If the series hopes to continue, it could focus on Anzu finally developing feelings for someone and realizing that, when the toxic clichés aren't involved, loving someone romantically isn't a loss.

Although the situation with Yukana is over, Anzu makes a good point that Tsukasa should take his time to heal. Season 1 did a fantastic job of portraying someone with trauma, so a second season could focus on his gradual healing. Tsukasa is sure to have more moments of anxiety, though not as bad as it once was. There's also the matter of his feelings for Anzu and how he would approach his relationship with her. He knows that she naturally rejects romance and, like himself, appreciates friendship above romantic relationships, so Season 2 could include his small gestures toward Anzu to show how much she means to him.

RELATED: Akatsuki no Yona May Have the Best Character Development in a Shojo SerieRiri, meanwhile, has been the epitome of toxic love since the very beginning of the series, using the worst romantic clichés to force Anzu into a romantic relationship. Season 1 takes time to humanize this love-obsessed wizard and, in episode 8, reveals that Riri doesn't know much about human beings or how to properly build relationships. Through their combative relationship with Anzu, Riri learns not only the importance of being friends first but also has appeared to develop their own feelings for Anzu. Riri has already begun to make sacrifices for Anzu and her friends, showing that they are beginning to learn how to truly love others. A second season could add more to Riri's character development.

It's clear to see the potential for a second season as many questions came up with the final episode of Romantic Killer. Anzu's fight against romance continues as Tsukasa heals from his trauma. Riri shows a great deal of potential growth, and there's a hint toward Yukana's redemption as well. Romance is in the air for each of these characters and their friends, but with how unpredictable the first season was, not having a second season would be heartbreaking.

Similarly, Anzu downplays her physical attributes whenever necessary, opting to wear a gonk face in place of her naturally beautiful features. Her favorite time to pull out this trick is when the awkward romantic tension is on the precipice of getting too affectionate, and Anzu feels the need to remind the boys how undesirable she truly (thinks she) is.

This particular plot device works as a guide of sorts by showing the heroic hunk where to get in on the action (while dishing out unnecessary giggles and eyelash fluttering for added perks). Although the damsel errant rarely overflows into the love interest category, she does influence the protagonist's mission greatly, and, more often than not, for the better. Riri often leads Anzu into scenarios whereby she should seduce one of the gorgeous guys into fulfilling their romantic quest but is devastatingly countered at every turn.

The manic pixie dream girl catering to an Isekai adventure is regularly reincarnated to accompany the honorable Hero through his travels across a strange land, offering support whenever necessary (so, almost every female Isekai character design). Anzu topples this trope by proudly dominating in the headliner position, and Riri creates a Harem around her to lure the nearly-NEET into a romantic relationship.

Junta, in particular, is "reincarnated" purely for Anzu's benefit, as he would have reunited with his dear friend eventually if things took a natural progression; however, the impatient wizard has no time to waste! His main purpose is to enrich the romantic tension (and add more eye candy to the mix), but he suffers greatly for his unreciprocated affections while flirting with the manic pixie dream boy trope in the process.

Parents need to know that this series is based on the manga of the same name which attempts to satirize romantic games and romance itself, though the satire is subtle and may not be understood by younger teens. The main character Anzu, a high school student, is characterized as not very feminine and not interested in romance; other characters view that as shameful. She's forced to date by a magical power, and frequently told to grow up and "stop dreaming" and "accept reality," which apparently includes romance. There's lots of talk of boyfriends and girlfriends, flirting, and dating, as well as references to Japanese social conventions like "kabe-don," in which a boy prevents a girl from moving by punching a wall and pinning her; this is seen as passionate and romantic. Language is infrequent: "damn." Violence is played for laughs, like when a character is spun around by an angry girl. Anzu herself is confident and appreciates herself, but falls for a boy nonetheless. Mixed messages and subtle ideas make this outing better for adults and older teens who can understand the layered ideas being put forth.

Riho is the boy-version of the wizard Love Cupid Riri. In episode 8, Riri transformed into Riho so Anzu could take them on a mock-date to make Kazuki jealous. In episode 12, Anzu tells the other wizard Kate, that there is a 0.001% chance that she might make Riho her boyfriend.

Riri had kissed Anzu on the forehead and confessed their feelings for her before vanishing in the last episode. Kate had exiled them because it was forbidden for Love Cupids to have personal relations with humans and also for using magic on Yukana.

Anzu might not end up with Hijiri. Born a privileged rich spoiled brat, Hijiri is shown to have a change of demeanor after Anzu. He has a romantic interest in Anzu but Anzu considers him only as a friend.

It tells the story of Anzu Hoshino, a simple high school girl who all of a sudden finds herself in a bittersweet situation. She is romantically chased by the most handsome boy in the school. But she has no interest in love and wants to stay away from it.

I found this show pretty randomly in November, a month after it came out, while I was browsing for something to watch on Netflix. The premise felt interesting and I was willing to give it a chance. Needless to say, it was much better than I thought it would be. Each episode ended at a good stopping point, which helped me retain interest and made me want to continue watching, while the light-hearted yet snarky humor and dialogue was funny and never felt out of place.

Trigger warning: be aware that the final three episodes do deal with some subject matter that may offend or upset some viewers. Sexual harassment, objectification, stalking, and the after-effects of said trauma are explored; they are treated respectfully and the characters who are victims of these issues are reminded that these experiences are not their fault. 041b061a72


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