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[S3E17] Powerless

Ariel and Hook pay a visit to Gold's shop and talk to Belle, where Hook finds his spyglass and notices an Ursula clasp that belonged to Eric. After a hopeful Ariel hugs Hook, Belle then pours a locator spell onto Eric's cloak, which will help bring them closer to Eric. At the docks, the two follow Eric's cloak as it floats through the air to the water, only to disappear under the surface, which disappoints Ariel, who starts to cry as she mourns her loss, and Hook tells her he's sorry. Ariel thanks Hook for helping find Eric's cloak, saying that she wishes she knew how it ended and that Hook has a true heart, adding that she will always be grateful to him. But as Hook runs up to Ariel he reveals to her they met in the missing year and explains what happened to Eric, saying that he was too ashamed to tell her before, he apologizes. Ariel calls Hook a coward and a monster because he traded a man's life for his ship. Then, when Hook begs for redemption, Ariel makes Hook swear that he still believes in love, and that he still loves the woman who broke his heart. Unfortunately, after admitting to his confession by swearing on Emma Swan's name, Ariel blows green powder onto Hook's lips and then transforms into Zelena, who had used her disguise as Ariel, because she knew that Hook's guilt from the day he chose the Jolly Roger over Eric would continue to haunt him. Zelena also cursed his kiss, meaning the next time he kisses Emma, her magic will disappear, leaving her powerless to stop Zelena. Since Hook realizes Zelena is unable to kill Emma, Zelena warns him that unless he kisses Emma to have her magic removed, she'll continue to threaten Emma's family and friends, by using Rumplestiltskin's dagger to kill them. Later that evening, Hook visits the loft, where he lies and tells Emma and Regina that Ariel had left to find Eric. Using a "magic mirror" spell, Emma watches the real Ariel and Eric embracing on a beach, happy and safe. As David, Mary Margaret and Henry return to the loft, Henry tells the others that he had a lot of fun with the couple. As Hook leaves, Emma tells him that even if he won't tell her what happened in the past year she's tired of living in the past.

[S3E17] Powerless

Keiji explains that he was a psychic like Mob. When he was alive, his mother had fallen ill. Keiji undertook extreme jobs (ex: not sleeping enough to kill people) to pay for his mom's treatment. His mom died of unknown reasons, but she blamed Keiji for her death. Keiji then committed suicide and became an evil spirit. Keiji, disguised as Minori, also transfers into his class, and she leads her classmates in constantly bullying Mob. The high schoolers that bullied Mob earlier also show up, and Mob is powerless to stop them. Even Ritsu is a stranger in this world, and he does nothing to help Mob. Over the course of 30 minutes in the real world, Mob experiences 6 months in the mental world with all of his negative emotions building up. After an incident where Mob is powerless to save a stray cat from Minori and her friends, Mogami explains his backstory and why he despises people who use others. Dimple manages to use Mob's powers to open the door and let the other psychics go free, but he stays and decides to go into Minori's body and save Mob. Meanwhile, Mob gets beat up by Minori and her friends, so Mogami gives him his powers back. Mob immediately turns the tables and is about to kill one of the bullies. Dimple shows up and brings Mob's memory back. Mogami then reveals that the people in this world are actually all of the spirits he had absorbed. They start attacking Mob, who is determined to save Minori at least. Mob unleashes the power of his courage on Mogami and defeats the army of spirits. Mogami's defeat releases a mass of spirits that even he cannot control, which proceed to destroy Mob's body. Mob is eventually overwhelmed by the monstrous conglomeration of spirits, but reaches ???% and blasts the entire mental world apart. Mob wakes up in his own body. Mogami leaves Minori's body and attempts to leave the Asagiri residence, but Matsuo captures him into a flask, renaming him Pudding-chan. Minori wakes up and walks up to Mob. She could see everything that happened in her head and saw how Mogami portrayed her. Mob asks her if she actually acted like that in real life, which she confirms. Minori starts crying and apologizing over and over again. Mob says it was okay because now he sees that people could change.

(Facebook/The Flash)Barry Allen is said to be rendered powerless in "The Flash" season 3.There is no denying that "The Flash" season 2 folded with a major shocker as Barry Allen/The Flash (Grant Gustin) ended up altering the timeline in his attempt to save his mother Nora Allen (Michelle Harrison). If rumors and speculations are to be believed, the season finale episode of The CW DC series is only the beginning of more exciting things to come as, allegedly, Barry Allen will become powerless when the show returns for its season 3 this fall.

In the event that "The Flash" season 3 indeed adapts "Flashpoint Paradox" when it returns to TV for its next season, then Barry Allen will not only be rendered powerless but the series may also open doors for other characters. According to E! News, it is likely that the show will feature a wide array of DC superheroes and villains in it.

Apart from Barry Allen going powerless and developing a romantic link with Jesse Quick, it is also strongly believed that "The Flash" season 3 will feature Leonard Snart/Captain Cold as the series' main villain. This speculation seems to be in sync with Gustin's interview with DC Entertainment wherein he shared his knowledge about the big bad guy his character will face in "The Flash" season 3.

Meanwhile at the temple, one of the injured soldiers sense an eerie wind. Kikyō looks to see a cloud of miasma flying away and thinks to herself that it's Naraku and he doesn't have to tell her. One of the wounded soldiers calls out to Kikyō. Kikyō tells the injured soldier not to worry as it's nothing. Back at Kaede's hut, Kagome is finished bandaging up Inuyasha. Kagome becomes confused that Naraku's barrier withstood the Wind Scar. Inuyasha becomes annoyed. Miroku says that it's certain that Naraku is becoming stronger and on top of that he's a hanyo but he's different from Inuyasha who loses his powers during the new moon and instead Naraku says he can choose his day. Sango realizes they can't tell when Naraku's powers will be weakened. Miroku confirms it and says if they only knew when Naraku was powerless and thought they would be able to defeat him. Inuyasha asks why is everyone so serious as they know that Naraku have a night of weakness so he'll just have to get stronger than him and just leave it to him. Miroku tells Inuyasha sometimes he's very positive. Inuyasha becomes annoyed. Sango asks Kagome does Inuyasha think he's always positive. Kagome tells Sango she doesn't know. Kagome realizes that she forgot her things. Inuyasha questions Kagome's things. Kagome says by the Bone-Eater's Well and she has to go get them before walks out of the hut and stops to look at the night sky. Inuyasha asks Kagome what's the matter. Kagome says the sky is so beautiful. Inuyasha says there's nothing special about stars. Kagome says in the other world he would never see it this pretty. Inuyasha says really. Kikyō walks with her Shinidamachū as she thinks to herself that she understands now as she is 'Kikyō' and yet not 'Kikyō' and that's why she resisted and asks herself why does her heart yearn so much as she stops and looks at the sky. Kikyō says Inuyasha. Inuyasha and Kagome are talking. Kikyō asks herself which does her heart wish for. 041b061a72


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