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Shortcut Romeo 3 Full Movie Download Kickass

Shortcut Romeo 3 Full Movie Download Kickass - A Review

Shortcut Romeo 3 is the third installment of the Indian action crime thriller film series directed and produced by Susi Ganeshan. The film stars Neil Nitin Mukesh, Puja Gupta, and Ameesha Patel in the lead roles, reprising their characters from the previous films. The film was released on June 21, 2023, and received mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike.

The plot of Shortcut Romeo 3 revolves around Suraj (Neil Nitin Mukesh), a former blackmailer who has turned over a new leaf and is now living a happy life with his wife Sherry (Puja Gupta). However, his past comes back to haunt him when Monica (Ameesha Patel), his former victim and lover, returns with a vengeance. She has teamed up with Ashish (Jatin Grewal), her ex-husband's brother, and a notorious hacker named Virus (Susi Ganeshan) to ruin Suraj's life. They hack into his bank accounts, frame him for murder, and kidnap Sherry. Suraj has to use his wit and skills to save his wife and clear his name, while also dealing with the police and a mysterious detective agent (Errol Marks) who is on his trail.

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The film is a fast-paced thriller that keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats with its twists and turns. The film also has some impressive action sequences, such as a car chase in Dubai, a helicopter fight in Kenya, and a climax showdown in Mumbai. The film also features some catchy songs composed by Himesh Reshammiya, such as "Pe Pe Pe", "Ishq Gangster", and "Short Cut Romeo".

However, the film also has its flaws. The film suffers from a weak script that relies on clichés and logic loopholes. The film also has some over-the-top performances, especially by Ameesha Patel, who hams it up as the vengeful Monica. The film also has some poor editing and cinematography that make some scenes look choppy and blurry. The film also has some unnecessary comedy scenes that dilute the tension and impact of the thriller.

Overall, Shortcut Romeo 3 is a mediocre film that offers some entertainment value but fails to live up to the expectations of the fans of the franchise. The film is not worth watching in theatres, but if you are looking for a mindless masala flick to kill some time, you can download it from kickass torrents using this link: [Shortcut Romeo 3 Full Movie Download Kickass].


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