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Returning from Kolkata, Bhairav learns that Rohan failed his exams. Enraged, he beats Rohan during the night and apologizes the following day. Announcing that he's going to remarry again, Bhairav decides to send Arjun to boarding school and have Rohan quit college to work full-time at the factory. When Jimmy offers to take Arjun in, Bhairav belittles him and throws him out of the house as Rohan begs Jimmy to take him away. Bhairav burns the diary in which Rohan has written all his poems, and later introduces his new wife and stepdaughter to him.

Udaan version full movie

Udaan was acclaimed by critics with particular praise on direction and the performances.[33][34] Writing for The Times of India, film critic Nikhat Kazmi called Udaan "unconventional Bollywood at its biting best" and stated that it "has the edgy feel and the bittersweet emotional core characteristic of India's neo-wave cinema."[35] Mayank Shekhar also gave it a positive review: "The movie's certainly worth a trip back to somewhat figure why."[36] Rajeev Masand mentioned it as one of the year's best films, and said that Motwane makes "a terrific directing debut, offering up a film whose images will linger in your head long after you've left your seat."[37]

On the day of the delivery of the aircraft, Paresh uses his influence to restrict the flight's landing at Chennai, forcing the flight to crash-land at Tambaram Air Force Station due to lack of fuel. Naidu summons Maara to explain the emergency landing and lets him off with a fine. The airline's maiden flight catches fire and is forced to abort its take-off. It is revealed that Paresh had bribed the captain to sabotage the flight. The captain admits his mistakes in front of the inquiry panel. Vimal Balaiyya, a prominent businessman, offers to buy Deccan Air but Maara refuses, citing differences in their vision. Paresh starts a smear campaign against Deccan Air in the hopes of ending Maara's dreams but Maara assures everyone that his flights are safe and cost-effective. On the day of the start of operations, however, no passengers check in for one flight. Maara is about to give up when he is informed that a technical error resulted in no tickets for that particular flight being booked, whereas all other flights are fully booked. With tears of happiness in his eyes, Maara watches the other flights touch down. Paresh later calls Maara and offers to work with him but Maara rejects the offer, saying "farmers have flown and will continue to fly", and that Paresh "does not own the sky". Paresh accepts defeat as Deccan Air becomes a success.

Soorarai Pottru received critical acclaim.[129][130] Writing for The Hindu, Srinivasa Ramanujam said: "Director Sudha Kongara delivers a well-knit cinematic tale that urges us to follow our dreams ... The intensity of proceedings does soften in the second half, when somehow, things seem to fall too quickly in place, with help pouring in from unexpected quarters for the protagonist. However, Suriya as Maara holds the show together".[131] Ranjani Krishnakumar from Firstpost gave the film a rating of four-and-a-half out of five and said; "Sudha Kongara, Suriya tell a moving, poetic biopic without deifying the leading man".[132] Karthik Keramalu from The Quint gave the film a rating of three-and-a-half out of five, calling it a "comeback" for Suriya after the less-positively received works NGK and Kaappaan", adding: "Soorarai Pottru largely works, as it is about a larger-than-life dream than one particular person. I'm not denying that it is based on GR Gopinath's life, but the dramatic events that have carefully been picked from his tall tale are about a handful and director Sudha Kongara has glued them well with enough grit to sustain the proceedings".[133]

Amman: Cinema from the region has a near and dear spot in my heart. The motion of the camera often feels musical and tied into the emotional psyche of characters in a way that is full of expression. I wanted elements of that in UDAAN. Directing this remotely was the only option and Ziyer my cinematographer and I thankfully shared a similar language that made it easier to navigate a difficult task of directing remotely. I wanted still and quietness so you have a sense of what it is like living there. I wanted the senses from the color to the sound to live in a subconscious way much like when you are living somewhere. I have always been drawn to films that allow the expressions, sounds, and colors to do the narrative heavy lifting.

As expected they wont kiss? but that eyelock ?is beautiful there eyes? full of love for each other? and i love how suraj hold chakor and talk to him a its so intense? and yeah its obvious suraj is a kid and his father always pay attention to chakor anyone would feel jealous ?and when he turn bad like his father than only he got his father love and attention anyone would do that? but i love today epi only bcoz of sukor ??

Director Vikramaditya Motwane, who debuted in Bollywood with the modern cult classic Udaan, is planning to make a sequel to the coming-of-age movie based in Jamshedpur, according to a report in Mumbai Mirror.

Udaan is widely considered to be one of the best movies to come out of Bollywood in the past two decades. Although the movie did not have any big stars attached to it, it captured the hearts of audiences around the globe. Eight years later, Motwane has decided to make a sequel to the film.

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