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Marketing Management Project For Class 12 On Shampoo Pdf ((NEW)) Download

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marketing management project for class 12 on shampoo pdf download

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In this science project, you will create your own shampoos using two different recipes based on organic ingredients. Many people prefer "organic" or natural beauty products because they want to avoid synthetic (or manufactured) chemicals that they believe might damage their skin or harm their bodies. The most common organic replacement for synthetic surfactants are soaps based on olive oil or coconut oil. One of the shampoo recipes you will prepare and test is made with castile soap, a surfactant made from olive oil. Other natural shampoo formulations avoid surfactants entirely because they can alter the pH balance of your scalp or irritate your skin. The second recipe you will prepare and test has no surfactants and is based on coconut milk. Do you think these organic shampoos are as good as a store-bought product? Start the shampoo testing and find out!

Looking for a Class 12 Business Project? CBSE has mandated students to prepare a project as part of the Class 12 Business Studies syllabus wherein they can conduct their own research, gather primary or secondary data and make inferences out of the results in a presentable way. If you are struggling to make a nice project and want to have good guidance, read on to find everything you need to know about the Business Studies class 12 project and BST project class 12 on marketing management, principles of management, stock exchange and more.

For this BST project class 12 on Marketing Management, The students can consider the following products and conduct research to gather information about the various aspects concerning the marketing of the product. Some of the most prominent and sought-after products are mentioned in the table below:

The students who opt for the third option in the business studies class 12 project will have to learn various aspects of the stock market, monitor the stock market trends and how to calculate profit or loss in relation to stock. Through this topic, the students will be able to learn about the capital market and the sources of business finance along with a deep understanding of the concepts used in the stock exchange. Business Studies class 12 project will expect the students to work on the following parameters:

We hope that this blog covered every single aspect essential for you to know about the Business Studies class 12 project. Connect with us at Leverage Edu and we will help you choose the right course and university after 12th that goes well with your dream of becoming one of the future business leaders. Book your 30 minutes of free career counselling now!

It is quite evident from the case that a proper market survey is required for a new FMCGproduct in general and a new shampoo product in particular to enter into the rural market.There were days when huge organizations flocked to rural markets to establish their brands.Today, rural markets are critical for every marketer be it for a branded soap or an automobile.As urban markets are getting saturated for consumer goods (FMCG & Durables), marketingexecutives are fanning out and discovering the strengths of large rural markets. The Indian haircare market is undergoing a sea change in the respects of the buying behavior and consumerpreferences. The consumers are willing to experiment with new products and manufacturerscan therefore take advantage of this situation and gradually venture into the market. There is astrong wave in favor of anti-dandruff shampoos and shampoos with minerals and proteinswhich nurture the health of the hair. There is a stiff competition and the rural market can beexploited for revenue. The income pattern of the population in rural areas is a bit wayward andthe manufacturer can tap this situation and make profit by use of

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