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Be with You YIFY

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So the story isn't anything amazing, and really the way it pulls your heart strings is a bit obvious, but the execution of the film and the boys acting is fantastic. I'm a 48 year old man who served in the military, and I cried 5 times during this film.A great romantic/weepy film with a touching nostalgia showing tenderness, love and the difficulty of a man and his son coping with loss. Korean films are great, and this is one.of their good ones. Scenery and filming is beautiful and integral to the film.

This is a wondrous little film, if a bit confusing. The summary is simple: a woman re-appears a year after her death without memory of her husband and child, who are the first to find her sitting alone near a railroad track. The movie unfolds to reveal the entire story, and is well worth watching.To be enjoyed here are the actors, who do very good jobs of portraying their parts. Cliche? Hardly. The story is unique, the characters well-portrayed. The "penguin" scene is quite humorous. A perfect film? No. But it's a cut above typical love stories. Does it fall short in spots and leave the user scratching one's head at times? Yes. But it also brings laughter, appreciation, one significantly unexpected "wince" moment, and a few tears. It is unfortunate that some are so jaded and demanding in their film watching that they can no longer enjoy a simple bit of story-telling.For the romantics, for those who enjoy a decent story (if a bit odd), for those who appreciate a twist or two during the recounting of events, this is quite a nice experience. You may have to watch the ending twice to get the all-too-quick plot twist, but it's easy enough to hit replay. All in all, worth watching.

There are a number of poor reviews on this movie which I don't get. It is a fun movie with realistic characters, good acting, great music, good script and good plot. Enoyable watching from start to end.

We need more movies like this one, and far less of all the negative 'whoopie, we're all terrible people, so let's all get killed' junk Hollywood is so fond of these days. I read many of the negative reviews before I watched this film, one the entire family could enjoy, and that's what moved this movie to the top of my 'watch this next' list. Glad I did. Well written, acted, directed, and with an outstanding soundtrack.No token characters, so if you're expecting to find an LGBT character, or a minority where one wouldn't normally expect one to be present, or a car chase, explosion, shoot-out, bad cops, or any of the other Hollywood tropes we're seeing elsewhere, or anything else coming off the assembly line.This is a fine mix of established veteran actors and new young fresh faces presenting a story that has a great deal of depth. If you don't come away feeling good about the world after this one, go find yourself a mental health expert. You're clinically depressed, and in need of help.More of this, please.

Bob (Matt Damon) and Walt Tenor (Greg Kinnear) are conjoined twins living in Martha's Vineyard. They are cooks/owners of a diner, ace goaltenders, all around good guys, and so much more. Bob is not so great with the ladies except for his pen pal. Walt is the more confident one and dreams of big time acting career in Hollywood. When they get to Hollywood, they meet April (Eva Mendes) and Bob's pen pal May.The Farrelly brothers are just flailing away. I don't know where the comedy is suppose to be coming from. Are we laughing at them? They seem perfectly fine. While there isn't anything particularly funny, the two guys have a nice sweet chemistry. So it actually works as a brotherly drama. Nevertheless, the Farrellys are trying so hard to make jokes. It's distracting to have most of the comedy fall flat. The movie actually works best when I forget that they're conjoined. The conjoined part just takes away the comedy and distracts more than helps.

In Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, the conjoined twins Bob (Matt Damon) and Walt (Greg Kinnear) have a successful fast food place and are beloved by the local citizens. The shy Bob has a crush on May (Wen Yann Shih), who corresponds with him through Internet, but does not know that he has a Siamese twin brother. Walt decides to move to Los Angeles and become an actor in Hollywood. Once in Hollywood, they meet April (Eva Mendes), an aspirant actress who lives in the same hotel and becomes their closest friend. Walt finds a spot in a TV series with Cher, an arrogant actress, who wants to break her contract with the network using Walt. However, they are not happy in Hollywood and miss their small town. 'Stuck On You' is a cult-movie, directed by the Farrelly brothers and having the participation of famous persons, such as Meryl Streep (uncredited), Cher and Griffin Dunne. The story is hilarious and it is grateful to see Cher making jokes with her behavior. Greg Kinnear has an excellent performance in the role of the Siamese brother of Matt Damon's character. My vote is eight.Title (Brazil): 'Ligado em Você' ( 'Connected to You')

I have to say I approached watching Stuck On You with a bit of trepidation as I was wondering about how a pair of conjoined twin brothers would be a source for humor. It wasn't exactly a laugh riot, but it did have some humorous moments. In the small self contained community of Martha's Vineyard conjoined twins Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear have passed beyond the freak stage and are just part of the scenery, local celebrities in fact. They own a popular hash house. But Kinnear wants more than that, he wants to be an actor and does do local theater packing Damon around as it were.I won't go into how they get to Hollywood, that's half the humor this film has. But noted superstar Cher who is working an agenda of her own helps Kinnear along and he gets to be her co-star in a television series. And the conjoined twins become celebrities of sorts themselves. How does TV explain Damon's presence. Well that's the magic of special effects.But Damon longs for the hash house, he's a small town guy not at home in glitzy Hollywood.Why the guys never had the operation way back when is not explained. The most logical reason probably is they have no insurance coverage. That would be something that the American movie-going public could readily understand and embrace.Any reason to see Cher is to be taken and who could possibly play Cher other than Cher herself. Another performance to note is that of Seymour Cassel who plays super agent for Kinnear. No agent has ever had a client like Greg, but that's something that Cassel looks at as a challenge.Stuck On You is a mildly amusing comedy that should be pleasing to fans of the leads. But I would watch it for Cher and Seymour Cassel.

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No, YTS is not legal, along with many other torrenting platforms. It had previously been shut down due to violation of stolen and copyright content. For this, you can use other YTS alternatives at your own will - make sure to check up on its legalities before accessing.

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