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Alan Walker - Even If You Die

He is a silencer and one of the Others who have come to Earth. He first came upon Cassie Sullivan as one of his targets, but after wounding her he instead chooses to care for and then love her. He eventually becomes Cassie's love interest. Those feelings are soon returned but become complicated when she learns that he isn't truly human. As time goes on, Evan begins to question his place as a Silencer in the Others' Invasion. He ultimately chooses to side with Cassie and her friends against Vosch.

Alan Walker - Even If You Die

He is first introduced as the silencer that shoots Cassie Sullivan on the highway. He decided to not kill her and help her because he has fallen in love with her courage, strength and beauty, so he shoots her leg forcing her to hide and try to stop the bleeding. She eventually gets out under the truck and makes a run for it but passes out. He then goes and carries her back to his family's home and takes care of her until she can move again.

When Cassie get strong enough, she is bent on getting to Wright-Patterson and finding her brother. Evan tries to convince her that she won't make it by herself but she stubbornly refuses to leave her brother so Evan tells her that he will join her. They set off to go find Sam and Evan sets his house on fire to cover their tracks. While on the way the two of them begin to get more comfortable around each other and eventually they go and and share a kiss. Their time together is cut short when they run into some child soldiers. Evan takes them all out with ease as Cassie watches in horrific fascination. When Evan returns to her she tries to keep her distance as she has found out that he is a silencer. Not just any silencer but the one who had shot her.

Evan finally goes on to explain more about the nature of the Others and of the true nature of the 'waves'. Evan confesses that he loves her and tells her going to find Sammy at Wright-Patterson, aka Camp Haven is suicide. She refuses to back down and insists on going. They come up with a plan to get her in, with Evan helping from the outside. Evan tells her the truth of his life and she even allows his mind into her body. They say their goodbyes and Cassie goes in.

When Evan had found his way back to Cassie and Squad 53, he led them off to Grace's safehouse. There, they found a good amount of food and supplies that they used to recover themselves from the events back at the Walker Hotel.

When Evan first stumbled upon Cassie, he had gone and shot her as any other target that stumbled onto his territory as a Silencer. However, when he did he found himself unable to kill her due to the remarkable strength she showed that set her apart from his previous targets. She intrigued him so he nursed her to health and wanted to learn more about her. Over time, he began to grow fond of her. It eventually evolved into love though it became complicated when she found that he was a Silencer and was the one that shot her. Despite that, she knew that she needed him to rescue her brother Sam so she had to grudgingly accept his help. And he did help her, to the point that he seemingly sacrificed himself to help her and her brother, along with Ben Parish escape Camp Haven.

Evan first learned of Ben Parish through reading Cassie's journal and learned of her long-term and unrealized crush on him though Cassie told him that Ben was her boyfriend. They finally met at Camp Haven when he arrived to try and save Cassie from Vosch's soldiers. Ben immediately was hostile with Evan as soon as he learned that he was an Other. This mistrust carried on from that moment even when it was thought that Evan might be dead. When Evan and Ben met again, the two of them immediately got into a brawl at the Walker Hotel. Ben had thought that he was there to kill them and Evan was trying to knock out the Squad so as to get to Cassie without any trouble. Ben didn't hide his mistrust of him and tried to argue against any idea or plan that Evan had laid out.

Yet, all that changed after Evan let himself be taken by Vosch to try and spare them. When Vosch had taken Evan's memories away, Ben moved to try and get them back for him alongside Ringer. He also went and broke the news to him that Cassie was dead. They both shared grief in her loss and the mistrust and tension between them seemed to disappear. A year after that, the two of them ended up becoming good friends. When Evan wanted to leave to try and destroy the bases that still had Others' technology, Ben was able to guess that Evan was hoping to get some revenge out of doing this. He warned him that it wouldn't bring Cassie back but he insisted that he needed to do this or else innocent human lives would be at risk again. Ben threatened to kill him in order to stop more future killing but Evan pointed out that Ben was no killer.

At its best, it eliminates the need for conversation or the urge to glance up at the TV over the bar. If you find yourself eating silently, eyes closed, ignoring everything around you, even the unavoidable burger-joint din, you have come upon a burger that can be pronounced a success.

Picking up where Episode 03: In Harm's Way left off, Clementine must escape the herd of walkers attacking Carver's compound. Depending on the player's choice, Sarita has either been bitten and attacked by zombies, or had an emergency amputation performed by Clementine. Kenny rushes to her aid, only to have her die in his arms.

After some conversation, help Jane roll over the other walker and find Sarah's Glasses. Continue along to come to a hole in the fence where you will find what used to be Nick. Put him to rest with your hatchet and get a new weapon from Jane - the screwdriver.

To successfully lure the pack of zombies away from the trailer where Luke and Sarah are hiding, drag the walker corpse over from where it lies and lay it onto the horn of the truck then head inside the trailer.

Once inside the trailer, take a brief moment to reunite with Luke and a catatonic Sarah. Discuss the merits and morals of possibly leaving someone behind, then start panicking as the walkers begin to break inside.

Again, a fairly arbitrary decision that has no real impact on the story. If Clementine crawls under, she gets stuck and Mike kicks down the door to kill the walker that attacks. If Bonnie reaches her arm through, she gets knocked on the head while trying to pull away and Mike still wrestles the walker away.

While not necessarily immortal, reanimated human beings will not "die" under typical conditions that would ordinarily cause the death of a living person. They do not appear to feel or respond to pain, can survive even the most brutal injuries, and despite their bottomless appetite for flesh, they do not need food, water, or sleep to survive.

They show no other bodily function that relates to a human, showing no signs of self-healing or response to extreme temperatures. The brain maintains limited abilities of the body, allowing for movement of the limbs (provided that they are not decomposed to the point where the bones are not strong enough to bend without breaking), jaws, neck, and even the use of its sensory systems. While the walkers are notoriously weaker than humans, the only way to kill one is to destroy the brain. Despite severely weakened frames, they will continue to hunt for living animals to consume. Even when decapitated, the head will remain active, even though it would be practically harmless at such point.

Everyone in The Walking Dead universe somehow contracted the pathogen that, for reasons and through means unknown, brings the dead back to "life." It is unknown how the disease is spread, though its apparently total infection rate worldwide suggests it is either waterborne, airborne, or both. The exact taxonomy of the pathogen is unknown. The pathogen itself does not kill its hosts, but it seems to weaken their immune systems considerably, to the point where even minor illnesses are far more likely to be fatal than normal to humans.

In the TV Series, it was stated that a corpse can reanimate between three minutes and eight hours after death, though the video game suggests that it could happen in seconds. The first cases of infection progressed through a state of fever, aches, and internal bleeding, and this illness ultimately was fatal. As seen on the MRI of Candace Jenner, the pathogen spreads into the brain like meningitis. It infects synapses, mostly concentrating on those in the brain stem. It eventually causes the adrenal glands to hemorrhage and the brain to shutdown, all brain activity would cease, followed by the major organs and the body would be clinically dead: no measurable brain activity, no reflexes, and no respiration or pulse. A variable time later, the pathogen, through some means, would revive synapses it infected and reactivate the brainstem and other parts of the cerebrum and cerebellum of the dead body.

When attacking, zombies often become more lively, exhibiting full-body effort, and can produce enough force to quickly overwhelm an adult human. Zombies have been shown to be able to rip open human and animal victims with ease, and they can even rip off human limbs with enough force. As zombies decay, however, their muscles, and consequently, their entire body, becomes slowly, but surely, weaker. Zombies feel no pain. Although slow and seemingly unintelligent when not active, they can react quickly to sufficient stimulation, and can rapidly overpower a victim they have taken by surprise. Though their bodies are no more or less durable than a non-decomposed human body, they can absorb all manner of physical damage, even when badly decomposed. Anything other than a head attack, spinal cord severing, or dismemberment leaves them seemingly unfazed.

As long as their brain remains intact, everything that is attached to the brain can continue to function as normal, even if only the skull remains and is severed from the body. Other than a mostly intact brain, zombies don't appear to require any vital systems or organ functions to survive, although their ambulatory functions do decrease as their level of decomposition increases. Sufficient physical damage can slow them down, or render them incapacitated. Compared to humans, zombies have rather limited mobility. Unstimulated, zombies stand still, or shuffle around slowly. When in this state they are sometimes referred to as "lurkers", as they can quickly activate, attack and kill. 041b061a72


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