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Rage Aleesha Young

Rage Aleesha Young: The Female Bodybuilder Who Dominates the Competition

When you think of female bodybuilders, you might imagine women with muscular physiques and impressive strength. But you might not expect to see a woman with such a massive and shredded body that she makes most men look small and weak. That's exactly the case with Rage Aleesha Young, one of the most muscular women in the world.

rage aleesha young

Rage Aleesha Young is a professional bodybuilder and actress who has been competing in women's bodybuilding since 2008. She has won several titles and awards, including the 2014 NPC USA Championships and the 2016 IFBB Omaha Pro. She has also appeared in movies and videos, such as Rage: Part 1, where she plays a superhuman warrior who fights against evil forces.

How Rage Aleesha Young Became One of the Most Muscular Women in the World

Rage Aleesha Young was born on November 10, 1984, in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. She grew up in a loving and supportive family, where she developed an interest in sports and fitness. She played soccer, basketball, softball, and volleyball in school, and also enjoyed skiing and snowboarding. She was always athletic and competitive, but she never thought of becoming a bodybuilder.

That changed when she was 19 years old, and she met a personal trainer who introduced her to weight training. She was fascinated by the changes that lifting weights could make to her body and performance. She started to train regularly and follow a strict diet, and soon she noticed that her muscles were growing bigger and stronger than ever before. She loved the feeling of being powerful and confident, and she decided to pursue bodybuilding as a career.

She entered her first competition in 2008, the NPC Utah Classic, where she won the overall title. She was hooked on the thrill of competing and showcasing her hard work on stage. She continued to compete in various shows, both nationally and internationally, and earned her pro card in 2014 by winning the NPC USA Championships. She became one of the top contenders in women's bodybuilding, and earned respect and admiration from fans and peers alike.

But what makes Rage Aleesha Young stand out from other female bodybuilders is her extreme size and definition. She stands at 5'3" tall, but weighs over 200 lbs of pure muscle. Her biceps measure over 18 inches, her chest over 50 inches, her waist under 30 inches, her thighs over 30 inches, and her calves over 20 inches. She can bench press over 300 lbs, squat over 400 lbs, and deadlift over 500 lbs. She is undoubtedly one of the strongest women on the planet.

What are the Secrets Behind Her Incredible Transformation and Success?

Rage Aleesha Young attributes her amazing physique and strength to her dedication, discipline, and passion. She trains six days a week for two to three hours a day, focusing on different muscle groups each session. She follows a high-protein, low-carb diet that consists of lean meats, eggs, fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and supplements. She avoids alcohol, sugar, processed foods, and junk foods. She also drinks plenty of water to stay hydrated and healthy.

She also credits her coach, mentor, and friend Dave Palumbo for helping her achieve her goals. Dave Palumbo is a former bodybuilder who now runs, a website that covers bodybuilding news, events, interviews, and videos. He also offers coaching services to aspiring bodybuilders who want to improve their physique and performance. He has been working with Rage Aleesha Young since 2013, and has helped her develop her unique style and strategy.

According to Dave Palumbo, Rage Aleesha Young's secret weapon is her ability to manipulate her water intake before a competition. By drinking large amounts of water for several days before the show, she flushes out any excess sodium and water from her body. Then she cuts down her water intake drastically on the day of the show, which makes her muscles look more dry and defined. This technique gives her an edge over other competitors who might look bloated or soft.

What are the Challenges and Joys of Being a Female Muscle Goddess?

Being a female bodybuilder is not easy, especially when you have a physique like Rage Aleesha Young. She faces many challenges and obstacles, such as criticism, prejudice, harassment, and discrimination. She has been called names, mocked, ridiculed, and insulted by people who do not appreciate or understand her lifestyle and choices. She has also faced difficulties in finding sponsors, endorsements, and opportunities in the bodybuilding industry, which is still dominated by men.

However, Rage Aleesha Young does not let these challenges stop her from pursuing her passion and dreams. She is proud of her body and what she has accomplished. She enjoys the attention and admiration she receives from her fans and supporters, who appreciate her beauty, strength, and personality. She loves to inspire and motivate others who want to follow her footsteps or achieve their own goals. She also likes to have fun and express herself through her hobbies and interests, such as acting, modeling, dancing, traveling, and spending time with her friends and family.

Rage Aleesha Young is a remarkable woman who has defied the norms and expectations of society and the bodybuilding world. She has proven that women can be strong, muscular, and beautiful at the same time. She has shown that nothing is impossible with hard work, dedication, and passion. She is a role model and an icon for female bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts everywhere.

She is Rage Aleesha Young: The Female Bodybuilder Who Dominates the Competition.

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