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At our star naming service, we take great care in selecting stars that are visible from your continent year-round. To ensure that, we'll ask for your location during the naming process. Our proprietary algorithm then ensures that you will get a visible star!

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My sister is a Gemini, and we are super close. I decided to name a star in the Gemini constellation for her birthday, thought it would be something unusual. She was ecstatic, said that now she has her own private little piece of the universe. Thanks Global Star!

Based in Australia we offer the highest quality personalised star maps in the country. With more than 60 gorgeous designs to choose from and more being added every week. Every personalised star map gift is totally unique, combining your own personalised combination of the stars overhead, at any given time and place in the past.

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Some commercial companies purport to allow you to name a star. Usually, for a few tens of dollars, they'll send you a fancy looking certificate and a chart from a star atlas showing the precise position of "your" star.

The only problem is that the star name that you purchased amounts to nothing more than a novelty; for your moniker is not officially recognized by any reputable astronomical or scientific institution.

Now admittedly, the name probably does exist in the ledger of the company that sent you that nice certificate, but if you named a star for, say, your Aunt Clara, don't bother visiting your local observatory and ask to have them show it to you; so far as they're concerned "Aunt Clara's Star" doesn't exist.

For many years, I served as the question-and-answer man at New York's Hayden Planetarium and over a roughly 20-year time span I probably answered literally thousands of questions about astronomy and its affiliated sciences. But whenever we got close to a holiday, the questions regarding the purchase of a star always precipitously increased.

"Some commercial enterprises purport to offer such services for a fee," the IAU explains on its website (opens in new tab). "However, such 'names' have no formal or official validity whatsoever. Similar rules on "buying" names apply to star clusters and galaxies as well."

As we get ready to transition from winter to spring, one of the smallest constellations is visible at the first light of dawn, about halfway up in the eastern sky: Delphinus, the Dolphin. It certainly attracted the attention of ancient watchers of the sky, for despite its tiny size and the fact that it only consists of faint stars they're very closely spaced and easily seen on dark, clear nights.

Two stars in the Delphinus diamond have rather enigmatic names: Sualocin (Alpha Delphini) and Rotanev (Beta Delphini). These names first appeared in the Palermo Star Catalog, published in 1814 by Giuseppe Piazzi, the director of the Palermo Observatory, and his assistant Niccolo Cacciatore.

In 1859, the English astronomer Thomas Webb (1807-1885) solved the mystery by reversing their letters, revealing the name of Nicolaus Venator, the Latinized form of Niccolo Cacciatore. But to this day nobody knows for sure whether it was Piazzi or Cacciatore himself who ultimately christened these two stars.

The Apollo spacecraft that took men to the moon were designed to operate under inertial guidance, with gyroscopes keeping them pointed in the right direction. But because the gyroscopes tended to drift, astronauts had to periodically recalibrate the system by sighting on known stars. There were 37 stars they used.

In later missions, these three maverick stars amazingly were accorded the same respect as celebrated ones like Sirius, Vega and Aldebaran. They even turned up on some official star maps that were published during the late 1960s and 1970s. In fact, from 1968 until 1993, these three stars could be found on the monthly star charts published in the centerfold of Sky & Telescope magazine.

On the right you can see a sample image produced with Stellarium. The picture shows what there is to see on Valentine's Day 2012 at midnight on the northern horizon. You will see two interesting constellations, the beautiful swan, and lyre with Vega, probably the most famous star of the northern sky. With an online planetarium such as Stellarium, you simple can use the search function conveniently search for your star and can indicate where your star is located at any point in the sky.

Then would the acquisition of a rotating star map for the right thing. On a rotating star map set with the help of your date and your wheels turning prehistory. You will then see in what direction and at what level you can see your star. Applying the star map is quite intuitive after some practice. That of a rotating star map enclosed instructions will tell you exactly what you need to do to find your constellation in a flash.

In the right picture you look like a typical rotating star map looks like. By the way: Each rotating star map is designed specifically for use in a geographic region. Within Central Europe, however, you need to worry. The differences between the stars in Hamburg and Vienna are only marginal

The most challenging, but also flexible option is to locate your star without any additional aids. This option requires a little practice, makes you familiar with the firmament, but on a deeper level.

When you first have to find the North Star. The Polar Star is one of the brighter stars of the northern sky and is located just to the north at an altitude of about 50 degrees. You know, the constellation of large cars? If so, you can use the Big Dipper to find the North Star. You can see how this is done right in the drawing.

First locate the Big Dipper. See it at exactly: its seven brightest stars are all different light if you extend the rear of the car five times, you hit the fainter star in the polar Little Dipper. It gives you a fixed reference point. It forms the north celestial pole and is therefore always exactly in the north. With its help you can always find the directions in the sky.

Next, pull the information we have provided you with your constellation to rate. Is your constellation by a spring, summer, autumn or winter constellation? Or do you have a star of the Baptist, which is located in a so-called circumpolar constellation?

So if you know what season is straight, and you know what time of year can be seen in the constellation of your best, then you can estimate roughly how much you can watch your Clock constellation in which direction.How high above the horizon, you will find, however, Constellation? This information gives you the star of your so-called declination. The information that we give you the information sheet to your star. It applies the rule of thumb, the greater the declination, must seek the higher in the sky you. 041b061a72


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