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Landon Diaz
Landon Diaz

Genshin Impact: A guide to download and play the game on your Huawei device

For those who don't know, new huaweis aren't playstore or google compatible. I used to be able to just download an apk from somewhere but it doesn't work anymore. Even then i would have to download it form scratch every time an update came. I haven't been able to play for months and my phone is my only option. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I miss my genshin account :(

download genshin impact huawei

I was about to play genshin when I was greeted by error code:31-4302 (Data error, please fully uninstall the game and download the latesr game files from the official website again). This has never happened before and when I deleted and re-installed the game (apk) the error was still there. Does anyone have a solution to this? pls help


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