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Landon Diaz
Landon Diaz

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09/11/01 - Main building was 130 Liberty Street, my building was WTC 4 across the street. Happened on a Tuesday and we had exactly 7 days working around the clock to rebuild the those two buildings IT infrastructure. Fortunately, we drilled for D/R every year so all of us were somewhat prepared for it. Sadly, the users were not and became our key point of resistance in getting a lot done. Our D/R site in Jersey was not large enough to handle all the displaced employees so users had to septuple up in what remaining office space we had left throughout the city, 3 to a desk in some cases. Tempers were short and resources slim, but for the most we were ready by the next 7 days. It was a crack team IT techs and server who were well coordinated valued teamwork that made it all work.

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