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Craft From Containers V0.4.1

The ceramic industry produces a variety of goods used for trade, storage, constructions, and decoration in support of a fortress. Although the industry produces a fairly limited variety of goods when compared to others, ceramic goods are naturally worth three to ten times the value of similar goods made from common stone or wood, making them a lucrative option for wealth creation. Ceramic goods are divided into three distinct categories (called wares) based on the raw materials used. Earthenware items are produced from generic clay, stoneware from fire clay and porcelain from the stone kaolinite. In order to ensure watertight earthenware containers (jugs and large pots), as well as to increase overall item value, earthenware items require an additional production step called glazing. The ceramics industry also produces gypsum plaster which is critical for dwarven healthcare. Pearlash, a critical production material for the glass industry, is also created as a crossover material from the ceramic industry.

Craft From Containers v0.4.1


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