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And The Winner Is

In the first round, six contestants or groups are paired against each other and perform a song of their choice. After each of the contestants or groups have performed their song the 101 voters decide who did better. The voting numbers are then revealed, but the contestants are not told which number is theirs. The host presents them with an offer of money. The contestants are asked if they think they have lost or won the battle. If they think they have lost, the contestant will press the button accepting the cash amount and being eliminated from the competition and the chance at the $1,000,000. The contestant with the highest number of votes, out of the three winners, automatically advances to the Final Round. In the second round, the two winners who did not receive the highest number of votes compete against each other. The contestants will again be offered a greater amount of money to walk away after the voting numbers are revealed. The winner of this round will go on to the Final Round. In the Final Round, the remaining two contestants will compete against each other. The voting numbers will be revealed again and they will be offered a higher amount of money than in the Second Round. The winner of the Final Round will continue on to compete for the $1,000,000 on the season finale.

And The winner is

Next, a couple of groundbreaking moments. Hattie McDaniel accepts the Best Supporting Actress award for GONE WITH THE WIND. McDaniel was the first Black actor nominated for an Academy Award and the first winner. You may notice that the close-up of the speech was done after the fact in a retake, as the camera placement at the time would not permit close angle shots.

Yet another equal fight with no clear winner, both cards were practically indistinguishable until we reached 4K where the RTX 2080 Ti drew slightly ahead. The RTX 3070, though, and Ampere and the 3000-series a clear generational leap over its predecessor here and in general though.

The Tech Emmy is awarded for the development of technologies that either represent so extensive an improvement on existing methods or are so innovative in nature that they have materially affected television production. On January 26, 2022, The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) announced the 73rd Annual Technology & Engineering Emmy Award winners and for the first time 3GPP is a recipient.

Theresa is the winner of the $50 Seita Gift for our "Mother's Day Most Liked Family Photo" contest on Facebook,Thanks to everyone who shared their beautiful family photos with us. Happy Mother's day!

After the verdict of the Scrambler community, came that of the special jury of experts: the Scrambler 1100 FT by Marco Graziani from CC Racing Garage is the winner of the third edition of the Custom Rumble, thanks to the support of the Ducati Roma store.

The Scrambler 1100 FT by Graziani, a customizer based in Rome, Italy, had already triumphed in the first phase of the contest, being the most voted by Scrambler fans among all 74 participants. It reached the final as the winner of the Bully category, the one reserved for Scrambler 1100. Being an engineer and customizer of many Ducati models, Graziani had chosen the Scrambler 1100 Special to unleash all his inventiveness and launch the challenge to the other contenders, among which stood famous names from the international Custom Scene.


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