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Gay Male Slave Training

One of the biggest things for a slave is to feel owned, controlled, and dominated. They need to feel helpless and reminded every hour of every day that they have an owner, whether it be a Master or a Mistress.

gay male slave training

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Here, we will list below some of the best slave training techniques and femdom punishment ideas with ways to make your submissive feel owned, whether it be in an online session, a real-time session at a dungeon, or within a lifestyle relationship. Being a BDSM Mistress allows me to write from experience and first-hand practice with all of the scenarios I have listed below.

There is nothing worse than a slave feeling as if their Master/Mistress is not dominant enough or that they are not consistent in their approach. Always be consistent and be harsh but fair (or extremely unfair. Some slaves like that!)We have some amazing BDSM slave training listed for you in this article, great ideas, techniques, tips and ways to train your slave in a BDSM scenario or D/s relationship

The more the submissive is reminded of their place in your world, the deeper the servitude becomes. Use slave contracts and consistent dominant approaches, and you will always deepen this relationship.

You can also look at the slave registry and get your slave to register. They get their unique number and certificate as an owned slave. This is all part of the BDSM slave training techniques, always making them feel owned and controlled at all times.

Read on, as we have many more BDSM punishment ideas and tasks for you to introduce into any slave training sessions. We have techniques, tasks, ideas, and some videos from our sessions. Some of the top domination ideas have been listed on this site and will help you on your way to dominating your own submissive. Maybe the idea of cum eating instructions, also known as CEI, is what you need to teach your submissive? But be warned, as soon as they are not horny, they run for the hills.

Discuss slave/submissive contracts and what should be in them. There are hundreds of examples online of these contracts ( google is your friend). You can make it your own and change some wording to fit your slave.

Writing blogs and articles for your blog or a website you have made specifically for them is a way for them to let the world know how they are doing. This is also a great way for the Dominant to check on the slave. Make sure he adds pictures and proof of every task and assignment. Ensure BDSM instruction is carried out every time.

Have the logins to their team viewer and ensure they leave their pc on at all times so you can monitor what they are doing and what sites they are visiting. Nothing will make a male feel more controlled than not being able to visit his favourite porn site!

Send them to a shemale Cam site via LIVE BDSM CAMS.NET They have the best shemale cams with free chat rooms and the horniest transgender webcam shows online so make them get naked and interact with them.

Having a submissive slave can be a lot of fun for the dominants. Making them jump to her or his every command and order. Our lists on this page will hopefully give you some stellar ideas for you to use.

He would group it into little bundles, and every so often, I would bump against it, and he would have to start again. I also made one slave count a pile of cornflakes, and when he was nearly finished (2 mind-numbing hours later, I stood on them and crushed them into little bits and told him to count them again. He almost started crying!) This is the mentality you can expect in cruel femdom cams sessions.

This takes precedence over anything. A bottom (slave) should always know his place and be always trained to obey their tops ( Mistress/master) commands. It is one of the top priorities in any D/s relationship. Read on about our ideas and suggestions for BDSM punishment.

A submissive male ( your property) must always do as he is told/ordered to do without hesitation or questioning. If he disobeys in any way, then he will be punished, tied, shackled, bound, sight and sound deprived, caged, whipped, caned, or subjected to all of these things.

We enjoy every aspect of BDSM slave training and take it very seriously, spending time with each submissive to find out exactly what type of sub they are and introducing them to the slave contract that we discuss in great detail before they sign and agree to all terms.

Femdom punishment ideas are listed below with some fantastic ways to punish the submissive, from slave tasks to BDSM challenges. You can be assured of the severest of dominatrix punishments when it comes to this part of your training and enrolling in our training sessions.

So at the beginning of your male slave training. You have to ensure that your new slave feels that he is indeed owned and dominated, and controlled by you now, even as you carry on with your normal routine in daily life. He has to feel that he has no control anymore.

After signing the said contract and accepting that he may have to be locked in chastity and have no more wanking privileges, the slave will be in a very vulnerable state of mind, which is when he is very easy to exploit.

We chatted to some of our submissives about some of the tasks we should list here to give people an idea and some suggestions to use themselves in a domination session and as part of the slave training; there are tasks for submissives as ordered by the Femdom/Mistress.

We enjoy experimenting when having to train a sex slave and show them what will be required of them, from becoming a human toilet for the Dominatrix /Dom to giving them a pleasure as and when requested.

With orgasm control, you will be masturbating or humping a pillow till you are on the edge of orgasm, then made to stop when you are only two strokes from that sweet orgasmic rush. We have hundreds of girls and Mistresses online waiting to dominate, tease and control your live. Check out the adult cam chat rooms and start your domination training today.

There are countless ways how to punish your slave sexually. With the right Dominatrix, a dominant female with a twisted imagination and cruel tendencies, there will always be new punishments awaiting you for any infractions or for stepping out of line.

Just make sure that when you do indulge in it that it is done in a consensual way. A sexual fetish can be a grey area, so always be 100% sure that master and slave are on the same page and perhaps contracts are signed to keep you both in the right.

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