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Landon Diaz

Fox Ghost (2002)

A handsome, outstanding student and always wins women's hearts, soon married to tycoon's daughter. To prepare for the upcoming exam, he moves in an abandoned house. During his stay, he meets two sexy, beautiful, and troublesome ghosts.

Fox Ghost (2002)

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Fox didn't use a ghostwriter. He would outline episodes on paper, dictate them to a typist, Heidi Pollock, then rewrite his way through successive printouts. When his family vacationed on Martha's Vineyard, Heidi joined them. "We rented her a little house," he says. "She'd ride over on her bike and we'd work in the garage. I'd watch everybody go to the beach every morning, then write all day."

It ceases to be the best movie ever as the scene ends, and now Ma Jia wants sex. And sex. And sex. And sex. Did I mention she craves sex? Because she does! Tao keeps sexing her up, but it is getting in the way of his studies. Though it is helping the film make up for lost time in that boring plot near the beginning. However, Tao leaves to go to an abandoned house to study. This works, until the two ghosts show up.

The two ghost sisters are annoying at first but he fixes their graves and befriends them, so they start sexing him up. Keep that in mind the next time you walk through a graveyard and see a messed up grave. Now Tao is having sex with two girls, instead of the one, and they are just as insatiable! How does this help his studies? Unless he is studying anatomy or ghost sexing. During this time, he meets Falun the Monk who will be more important later.

Leave for the next town, on the way, he runs into the girl in orange I told you was important earlier. She is being attacked by three evil guys. Tao scares off her attackers, and he and the girl in orange have sex. As soon as Tao gets to town, he is arrested and put on trial, for rape of the girl in orange! She is there, accusing him! It was a trap! Insert Admiral Akbar reference here! Ma Jia finds out and prays, the ghost sisters find out and come to get revenge on the girl in orange and the judge. I must confess that I think the old style judge hats that are huge are hilarious. That has nothing to do with the plot, but has everything to do with what entertained me during this segment.

During revenge, ghost girl Xiao Xie is captured by a Judge from Hell, who sentences her to have sex by him. As the Judge from Hell is disgusting, this is a very bad sentence. Where is Johnny Cochrane when you need him? The other ghost girl gets Tao to try to help save Xiao Xie, but Judge from Hell is very powerful. Luckily, Falun the Monk shows up and saves the day, defeating Judge from Hell using magic Taoist Priest powers.

While historically situating the creation of monsters in cinema and literature, Halberstam describes how such extraordinary creatures claw at the boundaries and distort the borders of the popular imaginary. She warns us to be cautious of normalizing discourses, that we should be "suspicious of monster hunters, monster makers, and above all, discourses invested in purity and innocence" (1995, p. 27). More than just a monster, however, Hindley was clearly a female monster. Marina Warner has noted that the "deadly female predator" is a recognizable element in many mythical narratives, both ancient and contemporary (1994, p. 3). In drawing on Julia Kristeva?s concept of the abject, Barbara Creed used the term "monstrous-feminine" to describe feminised monsters in popular cinema. In The Monstrous-Feminine: Film, Feminism, Psychoanalysis (1993) Creed identifies a range of characterisations which, she argued, carry the non-phallic power of the femme castratrice, such as the possessed woman, the monstrous womb, and the witch. Margarit Shildrick also calls upon cultural critics not simply to "equate . . . sexual difference with monstrous difference, but to mark those places where the two signifiers are doing similar work" (2002, p 28).

Secondly, the media played an important role in the Moors case. There was a great deal of visual drama extracted by the events, and newspapers illustrated exposés with photos of the windswept Saddleworth Moor being scoured by dozens of police in search of lonely gravesites. Richie goes further than most, relating the "bloody history" of Saddleworth Moor. This includes ghostly manifestations, some said to be the spectres of dead children murdered in an earlier era (1988, pp 25-6). Such tales may indeed have added to the local feeling of repulsion at the crimes, but also serve to link the narrative of Hindley and Brady to a longer mythic tradition of intangible evil.

Horrified that a woman should so totally deny our enduring belief in the sanctity of motherhood, we have been unable to come to terms with Hindley. Accordingly, she suffered punishment more severe than that of Brady?or indeed any other male murderer (2002, p 11).

That Medusa-like snap-snot of her, taken in 1966, with her peroxide hair swept up and back and a fixed, almost defiant, look in her eyes, became one of the icons of crime in the latter part of the 20th century (2002).

In her article on Hindley?s death, Addley reports the words of an undertaker. He asks her how people would feel "if it was their mother or their grandfather in the same chapel of rest or in the same hearse as Myra Hindley?" (2002). Such a question strips any sense of humanity from the living and the dead woman. In particular, the narratives of Hindley?s appearance have the ability to show us a monster, a woman whose various and heinous crimes are written?and can be read?on her body.


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