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Discover a new way of washing your hair with these amazing stimulating hair growth shampoo bars on a rope! These bars are made with natural ingredients to provide a deep cleanse, leaving your hair feeling soft and nourished. Not only are they eco-friendly and travel-friendly, but they're also made with an innovative rope design! Try it out today and experience a new level of clean! #shampoobarsonarope #ecofriendly #travelfriendly #innovativedesign #cleansing #nourishedhair



Hexagon 1.01 oz

1.33 in. long

1.7 in. wide

Circle 3.38 oz

1.69 in. long

2.48 in. wide

Oval 4.73 oz

1.69 in. long

3.36 in. wide

Rectangle 4.06oz

1.69 in. long

2.64 in. long

Square 5.07 oz

1.69 in. long

2.68 in. wide


Auntie’s Shampoo Bars. *On A Rope

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