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Between 4 and 5 oz of the All Natural Stimulating Hair Growth Shampoo Bars!

These Shampoo bars come with a string for easy use !

Can be used on locs, and any other texture of hair ! 

Kids love using these shampoo bars. They lather up so well and smell so good, but the benefits are even better than the smell !!

These bars increase blood flow to your scalp, theyre filled with essential oils and all natural ingredients. Step into the future with the shampoo bars ! No one wants liquid shampoo bars anymore ! A third of the bottle goes down the drain anyway !

These are PERFECT for travel, and can also be used as soap! Not just Shampoo !

“Aunties Bars” Stimulating Hair Growth Shampoo Bars

$12.00 Regular Price
$11.00Sale Price
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