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Sharlys Temple Policy

We founded Sharlys Temple with one goal in mind: giving our clients, customers, and guests a fair, rewarding and enjoyable experience. We conduct business according to the same values, knowing that better service equals loyal customers. No returns, refunds, or exchanges on wigs, shampoo bars, or any other products unless they’ve arrived damaged and the package has not been opened. Pictures will need to be emailed to 
Future Passengers on SharlysTemple enter at your own risk.

Salon Policy

EACH TIME before scheduling please make sure to read this policy thoroughly. This policy applies to EVERYONE

A fully operable salon on a bus is an experience that you'll love ! This is the first year being able to use EVERYTHING. There are a few things you should know to make sure this appointment goes smooth. Appointments $100+ comes with FREE travel up to 10 miles. Currently not able to travel in the rain (issue with wipers). Appointments will not be cancelled, salon is still open, however we would need to get you to the location of the bus. Since the bus is still being finished the only permitted guest on Sharlys Temple during appointment is the client being serviced. Absolutely No kids are permitted unless being serviced. If you leave any items behind after your appointment, you will need to come to the location of the bus to get your item(s). The restroom is one of the parts under construction, please be sure to use the restroom before you enter the bus. If your appointment will take hours, a restroom will be near. Please make sure your last style is out already, unless otherwise discussed when your appointment was scheduled. Please do not wear expensive or clothes you do not want possibly damaged due to hair products possibly spilling. We are on wheels so though very seldom, the bus may shake due to a big truck speeding by. The steps are a bit steep,(Normal bus steps) Please enter at your own risk. Please do not schedule a hair appointment directly before an appointment. Things happen that may delay our process, this is an experience, no rushing experiences. You can sit back and relax while I work. (An example of a way our process could be delayed, generator may run out of gas in between clients and have to be refilled. Doesn't take long but everything add up). Going Live in the salon is not permitted. The Non refundable deposit is your retainers fee. If you do not make your appointment you will lose your deposit, if you did not pay a deposit, before being serviced for another appointment you must pay 25% of the missed appointment plus your new retainers fee/non refundable deposit. A wash comes with natural styles and weaves. Braids must include a wash and dry as an add on OR come washed and dried already. (You do not have to blowout/straighten your hair, just have it dry, i can blow it out). I just started allowing appointments to be scheduled in the future, due to the bus being able to travel, If I am in the middle of an tour and you have an appointment scheduled, your appointment may be rescheduled with compensations, or you may be referred to another stylist at the same price, UNLESS it is for an event such as a wedding etc. This has never happened before, however just incase we have a tour planned and there is one appointment in the middle of the tour, the tour will not be cancelled for your appointment, you will be reimbursed and rescheduled. For appointments scheduled between the hours of 8pm and 12am will have an extra $25 fee. For appointments scheduled between the hours of 12am and 6am will be charged an extra $50 for an overnight service fee.
 If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out through the chat, or email at

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